Who We Are



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My name is Robin Gushue, founder and president of Living Outside The Lines.  For the last four years I have shared our family’s experiences through my blog, Living Outside The Lines. Originally I began writing as a way to connect with other families, but it blossomed into an opportunity to educate, advocate for inclusion, equality, accessibility and awareness. Today I am a passionate advocate who has had the privilege of speaking at the Nova Scotia Legislature regarding the Accessibility Act, have spoken on CBC Radio One regarding accessible beaches,  I have had World Cerebral Palsy Day proclaimed in the city of Halifax, and I have been honored to have various articles published throughout local newspapers and Canadian Family.ca.  

Living Outside The Lines Organization was established in February of 2018 to fulfill the needs of families, much like ours, that were need of financial funding to cover the costs of specialized equipment and to offer financial assistance for secondary education or training.

“As a mother to a disabled child, I would hope that Bill No. 59 will drastically raise the accessibility standard, by addressing and eliminating barriers like the lack of fully accessible restrooms in public venues and implementing more parks that are fully accessible for kids like Olivia. Hopefully, it will guide our community towards social equality and obtaining a fully inclusive society.”



Many people do not realize the incredible financial burdens facing families caring for children with extraordinary needs. This burden is often not lifted through government assistance programs or private insurance; and with the decline in financial support through charitable organizations, there remains an ever growing need.  Families are struggling to provide their children with the supports needed to lead a quality filled lifestyle. Your donation can help alleviate this burden.

Our largest fundraiser is our annual See The Ability Fashion Show & Silent Auction, in which local designs are showcased by Nova Scotia youth with extraordinary needs https://www.facebook.com/globalhalifax/videos/close-to-home-living-outside-the-lines/180451942873424/



Testimony from a local family we were able to assist:

“I struggle often to adequately articulate gratitude, unable to convey impact.  Recently combined perils of Cerebral Palsy and depression and anxiety have created a long and challenging 4 years of crisis for our family.  

While juggling appointments and managing challenging behaviours, sadly it isn’t often that I manage to make it to work.  This makes it exceedingly more difficult to provide things for Mikhail to improve his quality of life.  We always hope that maximizing his mobility and opportunities will light the spark to return hope to his life.  

Thanks is a small word in these instances, yet that’s the best I have to offer. Please know our families gratitude runs deep.”


The Bryleigh Young Memorial Scholarship program is awarded to individuals with special needs and/or physical disabilities that are currently graduating from high school in Nova Scotia.

Your donation can change the life a child today.